Our Philosophy Is To Provide
Quality Products

The Film Experience is owned and managed by a photographer who has used many of cameras and lenses sold in the store. The store is attached to a gallery featuring Dave’s (and other photographers’) work.

We specialize in professional grade 35mm, medium format and large format film cameras and although we have many collectible cameras, the store’s focus is shooters rather than collectors.

Grading System

Our grading system is simple, Average, Excellent and Like New. Average means an everyday user camera, some brassing, perhaps a small ding or scratch but fully functional in every way. Excellent means a camera with no brassing, no dings and no scratches, some minor wear, a very well kept camera. Like New is just that, a camera that looks like it just came out of the box, with no visible signs of wear. We do not sell new cameras nor do we sell bargain cameras on-line.


We take trades and purchase cameras. The cameras we purchase are professional or high quality enthusiast grade 35mm cameras, medium format cameras and large format cameras. Our purchase policy is an open process that we explain clearly at the time of appraisal.

Dave Marshall


Dave Marshall’s main photographic interests are landscape, architecture and vintage motorsports. He travels extensively in the Canadian west and American southwest in an endless quest for the perfect fusion of light and form. Dave’s interest in automotive culture and architecture has led him down the western portion of Route 66 several times, the culmination of these trips being the book “Route 66 a Last Look”.

“I do not see myself as an artist, rather a chronicler of the art, beauty, tragedy and humour that surrounds our everyday lives”.